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Who’s running this joint?

It’s me, Jesse Peng!

I’m a writer who loves to make things. At any given time, it’s safe to assume that I have at least five projects that I want to work on. Not everything I want to finish will get finished, but I give everything the best effort I can. I spend a lot of time thinking about storytelling and how to do it better, and about the kinds of stories I want to tell and the mediums to best tell them in.

Besides reading and writing, I also do some art! I draw from time to time, and also like origami and crochet. Sometimes I design hats, which sounds a lot more impressive than it is.

What’s with this website?

I’ve got a lot of interests, so you’ll probably find something around here that you like. Whether you keep up on one thing or all of them, I’m glad to have you here! I don’t have a regular posting schedule on this blog (besides monthly media reviews, which are monthly), so if you want to keep updated, consider following the RSS feed with your feed reader of choice or joining the newsletter, which lets you get emails every time I post something! The newsletter lets you pick what categories you want to be notified about, so subscribe here or in the sidebar and give it a shot!

Additionally, if you have any comments or suggestions for topics you’d like me to write about (pertaining to writing, mostly, since that’s what I know about) you can send them through my contact page! I can’t guarantee I’ll write about any and all topics people send in, but I definitely read all of my messages.

My main project is currently Something Wicked (or as I like to call it, Curse Squad), a web serial about three travelers going on an adventure to hunt down the witch who cursed them. Story updates are on Mondays and Wednesdays, so if you want to see what I’m actively producing, be sure to check that out!

Besides my web serial, I’m also working on a detective novel, The Crow’s Last Call, which I’ll inevitably end up talking about fairly often. The projects I’m most active on (most being a relative term) at any given time are summarized on my projects page. I work on lots of things from stories to comics to games or visual novels–it keeps things interesting. Don’t expect progress reports too often, though. I’m usually only working on one or two things at a time, and one of those things is Something Wicked (which I don’t generally post about on here since that has its own website).

Besides talking about my projects, I also occasionally write essays about writing or games that I’ve played recently or anything else that comes to mind and warrants a few thousand words of text.


I like pinwheels.