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What projects am I working on? Come take a look!

Roy Kaplan

Roy KaplanĀ (previously justĀ Out of Sight) is a radio drama featuring Roy Kaplan–private investigator, former burglar, and low-key psychic. He lives in the far-flung future in a mildly post-apocalyptic city where there’s few habitable places left on earth. He makes his living solving crimes (high-tech and otherwise) with the help of his ghost roommate, Wes, some small amounts of telekinesis, and a worryingly large amount of skill at burglary.

Episodes are about half an hour long and cover both fun future crimes and fun ghost mysteries. I’m collaborating with Tiny Lunar Dragon Studios right now to produce a season of 12 episodes! Keep an eye out for updates :)

Something Wicked

Something Wicked (or colloquially, Curse Squad) is a web serial that I started releasing on Halloween 2018, and that I continue to update every Monday and Wednesday. It’s a story about three cursed travelers–Isla, who loses her entire memory every year; Lucian, who lost her soul and lost the ability to eat, sleep, and feel as a result; and Solanus, who lost her body and has to possess small objects–and their adventure to track down Isla’s memories, which hold the secret to finally defeating the witch who cursed them and returning them all to normal.

I’m working with a few other very talented people who produce art and supplemental content, and we occasionally make comics, too.

Check it out at the Curse Squad website!

The Crow’s Last Call

The Crow’s Last Call (title subject to change) is a hardboiled-style detective novel set in alternate history 1940 Chicago where the Great War lasted from 1935-1939, and also there’s magic and demons and magical creatures (maybe I should have started with that). The story features Sable, a Chinese-American former police detective, who stopped being a police detective when she got caught up in a kidnapping case that led to her death and by extension her inexplicable resurrection afterwards. Working as a private detective after her resurrection, she gets a case from a woman possessed by a demon to investigate the apparent resurrection of a certain man who was shot multiple times, and things only get more complicated from there.

Sable, with no magical ability of her own except for her ability to come back to life, has to find the secrets of these impossible resurrections–including her own–with nothing but her powers of investigation, her deceased girlfriend’s miniature dragon, and a gun.

I might end up posting some excerpts of this on the website, so check that out if it happens!


Apostate is a limited series comic (as in, five issues) about the Apocalypse. Pestilence, War, and Famine have run their course, but when Death was supposed to appear, it didn’t, and nobody knows what happened. Without maintenance, infrastructure has crumbled and war has poisoned the water and food. Demons walk the earth alongside Fallen angels caught up in the end times. Despite everything, humanity survives.

In these dire times, there is a blind demon who witnesses the Fall of an angel, and upon rescuing it, learns that the angel remembers nothing at all. The two of them set out on a pilgrimage to the Tower of Heaven so the angel can regain its memory and learn what has happened to the Apocalypse. However, the road is long and there are followers of a so-called Prophet who are determined to stop them and kill the angel–at any cost.

I’m in the process of scripting out this comic, which I’ve had planned out since about 2016 or so. It’ll probably be a few years yet until I’m able to actually get to the comic stages of it, but until then, I’ll be writing.


Vertigo is a project I haven’t talked about at all yet on this website. It’s a comic about birds in a bird city dealing with bird problems such as evil magical cults. The story alternates between three characters–Nathaniel the crow, Ori the pigeon, and Wren the cuckoo–who are all inadvertently dragged into a world-ending plot involving the raising of an old eldritch god.

This story’s all outlined, but I need to do a lot of work on character design and actual scripting. I suspect I won’t be able to get any really solid progress on this until after Something Wicked is done, but I’m still really excited about this project.

Book of Stones

Book of Stones is a visual novel in which you play Shahin, the high alchemist in a city besieged by the creatures that have declared war against humans. Your forces are running out of supplies, including the artifacts which you need to maintain the magical barrier around your city, and there will be two days until the army can arrive to rescue you. You must make choices of how to best defend your city using your magic and cunning. Sacrifices have to be made, and you advise the military leader and vizier on how to move forwards.

I am working on this project in collaboration with a friend, and it is currently on hiatus due to personal time constraints. However, the hope is definitely that we’ll return to work on it!

Other Projects

There are definitely other projects that I want to work on, but they haven’t gotten far enough to where I can talk about them. I definitely hope to show more exciting works in the future, though!