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A blog…how curious.

Hello, friends!

After sitting on this domain for a few months, I’ve finally decided to start populating it with content. I’m not entirely sure what will go on this website since I’m not really the sort of person to regularly produce content, but I’ve got a lot of interests and I’m sure that someone out there will be interested in some of those.

If you’ve somehow managed to find this website without first knowing who I am, welcome! I’m Jesse. My main interest is storytelling, and I’ve been writing since 2006. I’m currently working on a web serial as well as a film noir urban fantasy detective novel. On the side, I also make art, crochet, and play games. I’m pretty good at making cool stuff, but not so good at playing games. That’s just how things end up, sometimes.

I don’t have a super clear idea of how this website will go, but I expect it’ll involve posting project related things and some short essays at the very least. If that’s something that tickles your fancy, then feel free to stick around!