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Roy Kaplan: Out of Sight

Cover Art for Roy Kaplan: Out of SightCover Art for Roy Kaplan: Out of Sight. Art by Jesse Peng.

What is Roy Kaplan: Out of Sight? In short, it’s an audio detective drama taking place in the far-flung cyberpunk future, featuring Roy Kaplan, our titular private investigator, burglar, and psychic. Over the course of Out of Sight, Roy solves all sorts of cases from robot murder to phony psychic scams to petty theft by talking to ghosts and breaking into places he probably shouldn’t be going.

I’ve teamed up with Tiny Lunar Dragon Studios, which is currently running the podcasts Ultimate Tier List and Floodgate. They’re helping to bring in voice talent, music, and sound design to make my scripts real, and we expect to have a 12-episode season that will launch in mid-2022. I’m really excited to get this one out there for everyone to listen to.

That’s everything you need to know if you’re just interested in the podcast release information, but if you want to know more about the backstory on Roy Kaplan, read on!