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Tag: website announcements

Cleaning House

Hello again!

So you probably haven’t noticed because nobody regularly checks this blog (don’t worry, I don’t either), but today I’ve made a bunch of changes to the website. For one thing, I’ve re-enabled the comments section! Hooray! I’m not really expecting a flood of comments or anything but hopefully now that I’ve added some anti-spam stuff, I won’t get all the spam comments that I was before.

I’ve also added a Blog Navigation page which lists all of the post categories and tags (in convenient groups, too!). That should make looking for whatever you’re looking for on this website a lot easier–not that it matters much now, when there’s barely any posts to begin with and there’s a search function besides. But eventually, I’m sure it’ll see more use. The important part is that it updates automatically, so it’ll always be up to date.

Most importantly, and the actual reason why I’m posting this blog post, is because I’ve finally set up a newsletter! No longer do you have to check this website once a month on your own to stay up to date or use the RSS Feed (which there’s nothing wrong with, but since Firefox got rid of their built-in feed reader it’s definitely more of a pain to work with), you can now get posts directly into your inbox almost as soon as they happen! You’ve probably noticed the giant orange button on the sidebar or at the bottom of the page, but if you haven’t, here’s another one:

The other benefit to subscribing to the newsletter (besides getting notifications in your inbox) is that you can choose what kinds of emails you want to get. Right now, I’ve only got four categories: Reviews, Essays, Project Updates, and Art, but the categories will probably expand some more once I post more content such as pen/ink reviews. You start out subscribed to all of them, but you can remove/add categories (or unsubscribe) whenever you want. I promise to only send out emails when I have new content posted, and you can probably expect to get emails slightly more than once a month (since I do Media Reviews monthly, with a few essays and project updates in between).

As for everything else, it is now the summer and I am…still as busy as ever. Busy in a different way, though, so we’ll see how much writing I get done. It would be nice to finish my manuscript by the end of the summer, but based on the amount of time I have to work on it, that seems unlikely. But progress is progress! I’ll see how far I go.